Makoto Interview

Makoto Interview: Exclusive talk with the Japanese Drum ‘N’ Bass connoisseur

Makoto went on to complete an Acoustic Engineering major at Nippon University in Japan, when he was introduced to drum and bass through listening to the radio shows of Giles Peterson on Kiss FM and BBC Radio 1. He then began experimenting with the genre through his own compositions. To him the appeal of this relatively new form of music was simple: Drum ‘N' Bass was just “very futuristic and cool”. 

Makoto established his own imprint Human Elements Digital, known also as HE:Digital. Focusing mainly on digital releases, the label has given Makoto an opportunity to not only release his own material, but that of others as well. Now he is currently making a new album for Hospital Records that is about to be another milestone in the prolific musician's already widely acclaimed career. 

Fresh off his release “Bluebird” on Sick Music 2019, Viralbpm sat down with the Japanese Drum ‘N' Bass connoisseur to talk about his latest tracks, future goals and events incl. Hospitality On The Beach 2019, while he also shares his thoughts on today's electronic music scene. Read our exclusive Makoto interview below: 

V1. First of all, we want to thank you for this interview. Where are you currently at?

Makoto: Thank you for having me. I'm in London at the moment, just got back from Tokyo for some gigs and bit of a holiday.

V2. You made a big decision last year, with relocating and moving to London. How do you see this decision a couple months later? Was it worth it?

Makoto: I was so worried because I have never moved so far away from home. I have been traveling a lot, but still. There were so many things to prepare during the final half of last year. It's only been 6 months, but I feel I made the right decision for my music. Since I've moved over here I have been busy with gigs around Europe, Brazil, New Zealand and USA. Europe is the best place in the world if you want to travel to other places. When I was living in Japan, it was much harder to travel to all these places.

V3. What was the biggest change you experienced until now regarding your daily lifestyle?

Makoto: There hasn't been a huge change in my day to day lifestyle. Mostly I'm still working on music. One thing though, it's great not to have time differences anymore. I've been always working with people in UK/ Europe and they were always 8-9 hrs ahead in Japan so I'd always get emails from 5pm to 12am in Japanese time. It could get quite stressful as some of them were often quite urgent which meant relaxing was hard.

V4. What do you miss from home the most?

Makoto: Not much, but obviously good Japanese food. Japanese food became quite popular in UK and most of the world in the last 10-15 , so I can find quite authentic dishes if I want. I do miss the very convenient life style and safety of Japan though.

V5. Did this have already some kind of impact regarding your focus on recording music and working on new tracks?

Makoto: I'm not so sure yet, but it might have. Making new music during weekdays and testing it out at the weekends in the club and then making some changes etc… Things like that were always difficult in Japan as I didn't have as many gigs and people weren't so open minded for unreleased music like they are here.

V6. Do you have any special sources of inspiration?

Makoto: The inspiration always comes in different places and different situations. Just before I go to bed, and right when I wake up I often get hit with quite a lot. I'm not sure what the exact source is, but I think the music I listen to is the greatest source, mainly from non D+B too. Music from all over the world has played a huge part in inspiring me.

V7. With more than 20 years in the music business, is there anything in particular you would like to tell to upcoming artists and Djs in general?

Makoto: 20 years has passed really quickly. I still remember when I started my career… I would say always be open minded and believe in what you do.

V8. Last year Hospitality debuted ‘' in Croatia tell us what you thought about it and what we can expect from your set this year.

Makoto: It was an incredible and unique experience. Amazing location, amazing people and great music! I can't wait to do this year again, I think I'm playing few sets too.

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