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Highly Sedated present Varmland compilation

Highly Sedated present Varmland compilation

Following ‘Revolution’, ‘Don’t Be A Victim’ and ‘Lion Bar Lady’ on SIZE Records, Swedish electronic band, Highly Sedated, gathered their offerings on Varmland compilation.

“In early 2018 we felt a need for a change. We were boxed in by routines, our environment and most of all; our own minds. So we rented an old, wooden theatre in the deep woods of Värmland in the Swedish north. Our goal was to get back to the roots of our music making. Our goal was to find our common creative force and tap into it like we knew we had to do in order to continue as a band. And in our search for this abstract (but at the same time concrete) feeling, three new songs were born.”

In ‘Lion Bar Lady’ the electronic band features softer vibes compared to their previous releases with explicit vocals. The track maintains their signature style but in a more ballad-ish production. Don’t expect hard percussive rhythm and basslines. Instead, be prepared to seat back and relax.

Previously, Swedish Electronica band Highly Sedated enlisted American DJ/producer Brennen Grey to rework their single ‘Burn’. Then Corey James & Anckarstrom for the high-tempo rendition of the band’s self-titled track ‘Highly Sedated’; and enigmatic duo CYA to remix their fourth single ‘Last Call’; all released via Steve Angello’s SIZE Records.

Highly Sedated formed in July 2015 consisting of Patrick RayVerner VestlundLeonas SomovasSebastian Dollinger and Hannes Söderlund. Moreover, Viralbpm caught with the guys for an exclusive interview when the they released their debut-album, ‘All We Have Is Now’ via Steve Angello‘s prestigious label last year.

Listen to ‘Varmland’ tracks below or stream/buy it here.

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