Breathe Slow

Broken Back unveiled his new single “Breathe Slow” on Ultra

After releasing “Young Love” last month, the artist's first solo record since 2017, Broken Back has returned once again with his second single of 2019, “Breathe Slow,” out now via Ultra Records.

“Breathe Slow” is defined by bright emotion within subject matter and sound. The shaky yet captivating soulfulness of 's vocals is intensified by production that is simultaneously tropical and devotional. The song delivers an inspiring message to listeners, calling them to ignore self-doubt, push aside “broken dreams,” and emphasize the positive in their own lives. 

“Breathe Slow is an attempt for the author to exercise his inner demons and keep in mind that doubts kill more dreams than failure ever will,” says Broken Back. “The whole song stands like a liberating invitation to focus on the glass half full rather than on the half empty one.”

Broken Back's 2019 solo return is already off to a strong start. After “Young Love,” was released, the track quickly garnered 2 million streams across platforms. It is easy to tell that “Breathe Slow” will keep the momentum going. 

Broken Back is a true showman, having performed 250 acclaimed shows in the past two years, he is set to release more solo music in 2019 as he moves into his role of singer, songwriter, producer, and creator. LISTEN/BUY HERE.  

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