Glorie Records discover The Whiskers and release their "Faith"

Glorie Records discover The Whiskers and release their “Faith”

Glorie Records kicks off 2019 with “Faith“, an emotive progressive house by the talented Swiss producers The Whiskers. Vee Brondi‘s and Henrell‘s imprint continues the impressive enrollments this time signing

The Whiskers, a DJ/producer duo, composed of Stéphane Aviolat (23) and Yaasiin Khurwoolah (25).

They joined forces in Lausanne around 2010, when these two music lovers met and immediately understood that they could learn a lot from each other. So their journey started.

Since then, they work in the shadows to achieve the maturity and quality needed to their duo, because precision and rigor are the two most important criteria for them. After years of hard work, they managed to increase their experiences and find their musical identity to create a real complicity within the group.

In 2017, they released their first official song entitled “One More Time” with . They also had the opportunity to collaborate with Miss Ghyss and international singers such as Max Landry, and PRYVT RYN. Last year they won at the DJ Wintersound contest and 2019 finds them joining Glorie Family.

Listen to their magnificent track below or buy/stream it here and tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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