DJ EZ announces his House and Techno alias Elvin Zedo

DJ EZ announces his House and Techno alias Elvin Zedo

Now is the time to relight 's history with House and Techno music and announce his alias, Elvin Zedo.

Elvin Zedo was created behind the scenes during 2004, enabling DJ EZ to continue mixing House and Techno without interfering with the recognition he was gaining as one of the leaders in the UK Garage scene.

Over the years Garage and Bass music has taken him to great places, excited him and brought out his creativity, however with the huge success he has experienced in this genre, his commitment to House and Techno had to take a backseat to allow him to fully focus on his growing fan base, worldwide engagements and his busy gig schedule.

His heart however, has always included House and Techno music. It was, after all, this sound that formed his beginning years as DJ Easy O in the late 80's, and he always knew that he would return to it one day, when the time was right.

“House and techno has always had a special place in my heart and Elvin Zedo allowed me to continue to play these sounds without interfering with my role in the UK Garage scene… Now my aim is to DJ under both names; DJ EZ and Elvin Zedo” 

DJ EZ will remain fully focused on the Garage and Bass scene as he builds on his growing fan base,  but he will also dedicate time to House and Techno as Elvin Zedo.

His mission is to build on his astonishing career highs in the UK Garage scene and remain at the forefront of this genre as DJ EZ, but to also perform openly in front of live audiences as Elvin Zedo, and create exceptional mixes showcasing music from his past to the sounds of today.

His unique style in House and Techno has evolved naturally, using the vast collection of and digital tracks he has built up throughout his career, and it excites him to revisit these sounds.

Performing as Elvin Zedo you can expect a wide assortment of current House and Techno along with tracks from the yesteryear which will take you on an audio journey powered by his amazing technical mixing ability and precision.  

It is his endless hunger, drive, desire and resilience that has seen him adapt through decades of music to make this a midpoint of his career, with many years ahead of him as he continues to innovate within the music industry as both DJ EZ and Elvin Zedo.

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