Discoplex & Khazz are back on Rambla with "Our House Is Main"

Discoplex & Khazz are back on Rambla with “Our House Is Main”

Discoplex and are back on Rambla Records with a wonderful tune. The title track is ‘Our House is Main‘ and it's a club house track paired with an obsessive vocal sample that with the kick and bassline maintaining the artist's trademark.

In the beginning of 2018, Viralbpm sat down with Discoplex for an exclusive interview, where we had the chance to learn more about the Italian talent. Now, a year later, he has released many tracks on various labels, such as Marcus Schossow's dark label Code Black, where he signed his “Space”.

Last year, Discoplex and Spanish duo No Hope joined forces to create “Acidground“, which was the 2nd official release by Anderblast‘s newly-established imprint Rambla Records.

Now, Discoplex returns with his native fellow based in Bilbao to deliver “Our House Is Main” and gain the support of 's once again.

Listen to their collaboration below or buy/stream it here and tell also your thoughts in the comments.

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