Grabbitz Interview

Grabbitz Interview: Εxclusive Talk With The American Music Artist

With well over 20 million Spotify streams on his catalogue overall, American music producer Grabbitz, also known as Nick Chiari, combines elements of pop, rock and hip-hop all of which are being glued together by a rhythmic, electronic beat. Prior to signing with Ultra Music this year, he released two albums, “Things Change” and “Better With Time” and was featured on deadmau5's hit single ‘Let Go', which has over 18 million YouTube views and reached #11 on Billboard's ‘Hot Dance/Electronic' chart.

Responsible for every aspect of his songs, from writing to production to performance, Grabbitz is probably the only artist to ever be compared to both Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and Eminem in the same breath. Having featured his latest offering titled “Polaroid“, we sat down with the American producer to talk about his previous releases, future goals, memorable moments, while he also shares his thoughts on today's electronic music scene. Read our exclusive Grabbitz interview below.

V1. First of all we want to thank you for the interview. You've just released “Polaroid” alongside a brand new clip. What were your initial artistic intentions for this song? Are you happy with the final output?

Grabbitz: Yo thank YOU. I'm so happy with Polaroid and the video. I'm a story teller and I wrote this out of a real place that we've all been at some point, but I made it more dramatic and grandiose. The video is meant to be two shots, real life and inside my head. Things can look fine on the outside when on the inside you're burning.

V2. Any special or funny story behind the video shootout of the official video clip?

Grabbitz: The funny part is that it's real.

V3. You have just signed with revered dance label, Ultra Music. How did the “deal” originate?

Grabbitz: I was sitting on a batch of music at the time that was particularly different from my previous work, and I didn't really know how to approach putting it out there. A friend of mine sent it over to Ultra and they really liked the work I was making and saw my potential. Most importantly, after some time, they began to understand what I want to become as an artist.

V4. You've released your previous “Information Overload” together with Pierce Fulton last year. How did this collaboration between the two of you happen?

Grabbitz: We were introduced through a mutual friend, but clicked right away in that we both were straying from pure dance music into different territories. Turns out he's one of the most talented dudes I've been able to work with and we work on the same wave length. Rock on, Information Overload.

V5. Any future plans regarding releases, records or collaborations for 2019 you can already reveal to ?

Grabbitz: There will be an album of great diversity.

V6. Any live events or special live sessions you're eagerly anticipating?

Grabbitz: I'm the most excited about the creation of my live show. I revel in the music on stage and I love creating that musical experience for others. Mostly I just want to be in the same room as the people who like my music.

V7. You are an artist who tends to combine and mix a lot of different genres. Would you say that this characterizes and describes your profile as an artist in general?

Grabbitz: Yes. It wouldn't be fun for me if I wasn't allowed to sway in and out of genres and test certain boundaries and test my own skill set. Singing in a certain way, producing a song, rapping, lyrics, I look at them all as tools. I apply the right tools to what I feel the song needs. Like using a hammer if the song is a nail and using a drill if the song is a screw. But I'm trying to build a house so I can use them all and then live in it. There will be a fireplace.

V8. Is there a genre you like a little bit more than others?

Grabbitz: I can't say there is. Anything can captivate me and stop me in my tracks, it all just depends on how the song as a whole sounds.

V9. What tools and programs are you using for creating your own music?

Grabbitz: I use a program called Logic Pro. Then I have my microphone, various instruments, and even cooler gear depending on what studio I can work out of.

V10. Is there something regarding your skills as a producer or performer you want to develop further? Something you want work on over the next years?

Grabbitz: I am trying to build a catalog of music that can be enjoyed by many people, and then perform my music in an elaborate fashion. I think that since artists can now create their ideas from start to finish, there is room for a more individualistic and personal vision.

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