Faustix Interview

Faustix Interview: Exclusive talk with the Danish talent

Under the alias of Faustix, Morten Brangstrup Olsen has specialized in electro-house and trap strains of commercial EDM. Within only a couple years of discovering a fascination with music production and DJ'ing, the Copenhagen, Denmark native became prolific — around the dawn of the 2010s — with a continuous flow of singles, EPs, and remixes. Early on, he found an admirer in Diplo, who sought him to co-produce “Revolution,” a 2013 single that reached number 20 on Billboard's Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart in the U.S. 

Six years later, after he had signed with the Denmark division of Warner Music, Faustix follows on from singles ‘Lost & Found', ‘Crying In The Sun' & ‘OMG It's LIT' Vol 1 & 2 with his next release in the EP series ‘OMG It's LIT Vol. 3'. Much like its two predecessors, the EP is a nod to the music that sets dance floors on fire. Having featured his latest offerings, we sat down with the Danish trap connoisseur to talk about his latest releases, future goals, memorable moments, while he also shares his thoughts on today's electronic music scene. Read our exclusive Faustix interview below.

V1. Recently you released ‘OMG It's Lit Vol.3” via Warner Music Denmark. Could you tell us something about the creative process of this project as a whole?

Faustix: The ‘OMG ITS LIT' ep's are my way of expressing my inner raver. I'm actually a pretty pop'ish kinda producer these days so when I get back to my old progressive house roots and other experiment with other genres, I feel a sort of relief. It's just funny to make whatever you want in that state of mind you are in. For me, that's super important to be able to do that.

V2. You stated that not having any features or collaborations with other artists, wasn't a conscious choice. But looking now at these EPs of yours and maybe comparing them side by side, would you say that this complete solo work, is also some kind of feature? Maybe something that distinguishes it in some way from the rest of your EPs?

Faustix: I think that it's important to work and develop a relationship with fellow producers and DJs around the world. It also shows people and record labels that you can work with other people. Yet as the EP came together pretty quickly, I didn't get the time to ask others if they wanted to join me.

V3. After hearing your previous EPs and the newest one, we can probably agree that you like experiencing with genres. How would you describe your music in general?

Faustix: Overall my genre is electronic dance music. I like to make people dance and get a positive reaction from the crowd when I play it live. That's why I do what I do.

V4. Do you have any plans regarding releases or collaborations with other producers you can already reveal to us?

Faustix: None at the moment unfortunately…

V5. What do you prefer? Performing in front of a massive crowd that loves your set or producing your own tracks and seeing them succeeding on charts, people's playlists etc.?

Faustix: It's a mix of both. I love playing festivals and watching people singing along to my songs. But an artists success is also built on numbers and charts. It's a thrill to see a track of yours moving up in the charts.

V6. You have also gathered some strong support from artists like Diplo and of course from music fans all over the world, with almost 1M monthly listeners on Spotify. Is there something in particular you would like to accomplish as an artist in the future?

Faustix: It's no secret that I want to break world wide and make a global hit. I always find myself in that position of “what's next” but I'm driven by what I know I'm capable of as a producer. Sometimes you have to make 1000 demos to make that perfect one.

V7. How did you start recording your own songs and how did “Faustix” happen as a name, a brand and an idea in general?

Faustix: I started 10 years ago now with Reason 3 and an old stationary computer. I started making demos and then sent them to random labels to get some feedback. Only 2 labels ever returned. Luckily 1 of those labels is actually to this day today managing me, that's kinda funny to think about! ‘Faustix' was at first a character my manager and I came up with – a young wizard-like person.

V8. Was there someone in particular in your life, who supported you during early stage of following a professional music career?

FaustixMORTEN, another Danish dj/producer took me in and introduced me to a lot of important people. It was super awesome to have the biggest Danish DJ teaching you a lot about the music business.

V9. Thanks a lot for taking time out for this interview. Any final words you want to share with the Viralbpm readership?

Faustix: Thank you for having me. I'm greatful that you guys find my music interesting and hopefully one day, you'll have the opportunity to come to one of my shows in your country.

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