Jan Blomqvist presents Tim Schaufert’s remix from his ‘Disconnected’ album

Said to have invented concert techno, Berlin-based solo artist and bandleader Jan Blomqvist has released a series of remixes from his album ‘Disconnected’. In the age of social media, album ‘Disconnected’ focused on the meaning of being disconnected. Moreover drawing on themes of incoherent, broken narratives and escaping from reality.

Listen to Jan Blomqvist – A Bridge Over Novocaine (Tim Schaufert Remix)

The third release in a string of remixes is here. Moreover, album track ‘A Bridge Over Novocaine’ receives an eerie and emotive rework from Berlin-based producer, Tim Schaufert. Additionally, with a subtle trap-inspired beat, the track maintains the hypnotic vocals of the original, layered with metallic sounding synths. Offering a softer approach, slowing down the tempo with the inclusion of contrasting darker elements.

Last but not least, you can listen to ‘A Bridge Over Novocaine’ (Tim Schaufert Remix) on YouTube: https://youtu.be/8_Lw0tlvsFo

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