Platinum-selling duo Vigiland unleash hot new single, ‘Strangers’

Platinum-selling duo Vigiland unleash hot new single, ‘Strangers’

Highly popular duo Vigiland (aka Claes Remmered Persson & Otto Petterson) have unveiled their brand-new release, ‘Strangers', a melodic slice of synth-led dance-pop, laced with the vocals of A7S. Packing ‘Strangers' with powerful riffs and punchy chord patterns, the production serves as an aural embodiment of the signature Vigiland fusion of anthemic beats and soaring vocal hooks.

‘Strangers' follows the success of the duo's recent hit ‘Be Your Friend.' Hailing from their critically acclaimed, debut EP V, ‘Be Your Friend' has amassed 70 million Spotify streams and received an explosive remix from . V EP captures Vigiland's signature dance-pop sound and currently boasts over 100 million Spotify streams.

The Swedish sensations have also seen their meteoric career deliver two Swedish Grammy nominations for ‘Song of the Year,' a 7x platinum certification for their single ‘UFO,' and over 650 million streams across all platforms thus far.

With the release of ‘Strangers' kickstarting Vigiland's 2019 in explosive style, fans of the Scandinavian duo will eagerly anticipate their next move as they continue to steamroll their way to success. Topped with the dynamic range of A7S, the track is out via Universal Music. Buy/stream it here.

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