Feed Me Returns with New Album ‘High Street Creeps’

British producer and artist Feed Me – returns to mau5trap with his unique brand. With hard-hitting, bass-heavy electronica for the release of a new full-length studio album, High Street Creeps. Set for release February 22 on imprint . The album will be available for pre-save alongside a new single ‘Feel Love' on February 8. Followed by second single ‘Sleepless' on February 15.

High Street Creeps— a namesake taken from the notorious 1980s Hertfordshire pheasant poaching ring. This marks 's second full studio album, following his 2013 debut Calamari Tuesday. Following up his debut with a string of Feed Me singles and EP's. As well as a debut album for his alias Spor in 2015. High Street Creeps marks the producer's sophomore full length project.

The album features 10 tracks which span a variety of production . Some of which differ from what he's delivered in the past.  From ‘Feel Love' which features the angelic voice of Rosie Doonan
(Who has performed with the likes of Peter Gabriel and )
to ‘Sleepless,' which was almost entirely produced from a Eurorack modular, listeners can expect the unexpected from Feed Me.

In response to the long gap of time between albums, Feed Me states the following. “I'd amassed a lot of material since my last album. But it took a long time for me to feel like it was the right time to do another. My life had changed a lot since, I'd been through a lot of experiences. And it felt overwhelming to try and condense a sprawling mass of feelings and ideas into a new story.”  

High Street Creeps marks Feed Me's ninth overall release on mau5trap.

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