Parisian Broken Back takes a cue from Wes Anderson & Alt-J on “Young Love”

Parisian Broken Back takes a cue from Wes Anderson & Alt-J on “Young Love”

Paris based, singer, songwriter and producer Broken Back unveils “Young Love” today, his first solo record since 2017, out now with Ultra Records. Coming off popular collaboration “Wonders” with fellow French producer , combines indie pop aesthetics with a bold sensibility to create an instantly catchy record on “Young Love”. 

His hybridized sound is reminiscent of the whimsical vocal stylings of Alt-J and his visual approach one of Wes Anderson's genius and mind with a 70's twist.

With his wild hair, penchant for offbeat storylines, Broken Back brings “Young Love” to life in a visual manner. He shares, “‘Young Love', is an invitation to silliness, to let go of the little crazy animal that whisper into our ear. Madness is never far, and some recklessness, a little bit of fun is the best medicine. The video features, Broken Back and a crew of wild characters who are just living life a little out-of-the-norm, but having fun all along the way, not worrying what others think.

We could all take a note from Broken Back and his carefree spirit. Sit back, relax, watch this video below and enjoy a colorful journey through life.

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