Flemcy Music reveals "Ostinato EP" by Not Demure (remixes by Morttagua, Ornery, JP Lantieri)

Flemcy Music reveals “Ostinato EP” by Not Demure (remixes by Morttagua, Ornery, JP Lantieri)

With his first release since his debut professional tour in Europe, Flemcy Music proudly presents Not Demure‘s emotive ‘Ostinato EP‘. A touching homage to his late father's life journey and six months in the making, this EP delivers depth on many levels with intensely rich remixes by Morttagua, Ornery and JP Lantieri.

We begin with ‘Ostinato'. Not Demure's original mix beats like a loving heart, pul-sating effortlessly with a life-like energy offering progressive warmth and extreme aural comfort.

Next is ‘Overture', a multi-dimensional, prog-tech journey surrounded by relent-less ricochets of intensity. This original mix by Not Demure harbours something very sinister yet is so, so sweet.

In his unique and atmospheric style, Morttagua cleverly takes ‘Ostinato' to a much darker place whilst still allowing its beautiful core to shine. This rework spreads its audio waves like a virus that brings so much pleasure it needs no cure. 

Now it's 's turn as he accelerates us towards raging waters with his electrifying ‘Overture' adaptation. This powerful, melodic, progressive ride will leave you completely breathless. 

Finally, as this incredible story comes to an end, Flemcy's long time partner Or-nery pours new life into the loving heart of ‘Ostinato' once more. The essence of Not Demure's original mix is elegantly captured in this delicate, meditative es-cape. 

Enlighten your senses and join us to this heartfelt dedication, in loving memory of Alejandro G. Rodriguez.

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