Revealed Recordings Presents Progressive EP Vol 1

Revealed Recordings Presents Progressive EP Vol 1

Hardwell's Revealed Recordings continues to go from strength to strength, proving once again they remain ahead of the curve and at the forefront of new music with their debut 4-track ‘ Presents Progressive EP Vol 1'. After smashing through the Community stage of the Revealed Night at and a Community release last year, Jac & Harri kick off the compilation with their first main release on the label ‘There For You'.

Metrush are newcomers to Revealed after previously releasing on both Protocol Recordings. After featuring on the ADE Sampler 2017 and a Community release last year, Arcando returns to Revealed with Daniel Garrick, this time teaming up with vocalist Nessa Bransan for ‘Fall Again', the third track on the EP. Having just released ‘Crazy For Your Love' on Gemstone Records and also being featured on the ADE Sampler 2017, Radiology's collaboration with newcomers featuring Ian Stone ‘Above The Tide' closes the EP.

Each track stands as a progressive gem in its own right. ‘There For You' kicks off proceedings with euphoric build-ups and high-energy synth melodies that set the tone for the rest of the compilation. The pop-tinged vocals of ‘Heartbeat' combined with a quintessential Revealed-style pounding backdrop keep the energy flowing. ‘Fall Again' is another uplifting vocal anthem, complete with staccato violins, whilst the opening guitar riff and catchy lyrics of ‘Above The Tide' provide the perfect conclusion to this top-tier selection of tracks.

Buy/stream Revealed Recordings Presents Progressive EP Vol 1 here.

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