Need To Feel Loved
Need To Feel Loved

‘Need To Feel Loved’ marvelously revamped by Adam K & Soha

An electronic music staple since it emerged in 2004, ‘Need To Feel Loved’ is back in updated form. Revamped to fit today’s standards, the song is as infectious and iconic as it was back then, but with the added bonus of crisp sounds, mesmerizing atmospheres and top-tier sounds, all courtesy of Adam K & Soha. This one was a classic for Positiva Records and now goes once again beyond classic.

The duo has released a number of singles including “Twilight” on ’s label Hotbox Digital Music as well as numerous remixes for other artists including , Benny Benassi, Tomcraft, and .

The Canadian duo is worldwide known for their 2009 remix of “Need to Feel Loved” by Reflekt feat. Delline Bass, which has received more than 12 million plays on YouTube! Adam K has collaborated and released tracks with trance legends and Kaskade, with 10 years of discography to his name.

Unlike other producers who are always looking to create the sound of today, often alienating their fans, Adam K & Soha have always stayed true to his sound. It’s no wonder purists like , or Armin Van Buuren, count amongst their supporters.

Released on Armada Music, Adam K & Soha – Need To Feel Loved will give you goosebumps. Listen to the track below or buy/stream it here.