Canadian DJ/producer deadmau5 has scored the Netflix film Polar with his sounds and shares "midas heel" with fans ahead of its release.

Deadmau5 releases his Polar soundtrack “Midas Heel”

Canadian DJ/producer deadmau5 has scored the Netflix film Polar with his sounds and shares “midas heel” with fans ahead of its release. In all fairness, “midas heel” is simply the instrumental version of “Drama Free” featuring Lights, whose music came out in November of last year. The song's gritty, syncopated beat structure and suspenseful elements make just as good a fit for the screen.

On the subject of deadmau5's ability to move into the score world, director Jonas Åkerlund had nothing but glowing things to say. “deadmau5 is an unstoppable force,” Åkerlund is quoted in a press release. “Taking him out of his comfort zone to compose a film, he brought power and excellence to the score without losing that deadmau5 DNA we love so much. Walking into this project, we didn't know what to expect. His unique and cutting-edge approach to composing Polar exceeded our expectations and brought a brilliance that guarantees his genius.

Moreover, deadmau5 announced for first Friday Headliner of Creamfields 2019 with the electro pioneer, appearing for the first time in 2008 at the award-winning UK festival.

Listen to his new offering below and tell your thoughts in the comments. The Polar soundtrack by deadmau5 is slated for release on January 25th. Preorder it via Apple Music here.

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