Tonk Sound

Conrank releases “Tonk Sound” in celebration of 10 Years of Circus Records

King Conrank is back with bass blinder “Tonk Sound.” The producer's first release of 2019 and he doesn't wait around to smash listeners in the ribcage with that 50hz sound. From the pulsating sirens to the bouncing riddim, is in full flow.

Following up a remix for electronic music legends and a killer collab with PB&J  producer Dirt Monkey, Conrank has gone solo on this heater. Releases in 2018 saw support from , 12th Planet, , SKisM, Excision and many more, as his stature as one of the most exciting bass music producers continues to spread far and wide.

Coming off the back of a tour with alien bass provider Shlump, Conrank has been bringing that tonk sound with him to shows, and it certainly seems 2019 is the year of the Conrank. So, lock up your subs kids, he's coming for them.

After a decade at the forefront of the global bass movement, the Grammy-nominated Circus Records will be celebrating this landmark moment by giving away an exclusive track from each and every one of our artists, every week of the year, for free. Look forward to tracks incoming from all the Circus names old and new. Here's to another 10 years of successfully ruining silence!

“Tonk Sound” is available as a free download here. Listen to it below.

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