SIGHT blows up January agenda

There hasn't been enough time to assimilate the hugely successful 2018 that Pacha Barcelona‘s techno session has experienced and they're already preparing the first big night of the new year. 2019 looks more than brilliant for SIGHT and, true to its style, the session has prepared a very interesting beginning of the year. Everything will take off next January 1st, with an artist selection especially meant to please SIGHT's crowd, bringing one of the most beloved and favorite artist of 's underground session… Take a look below, as SIGHT blows up January agenda.
January 1st: New Day w/ , Luca Donzelli
SIGHT starts the year with one of the crowd's favorite artists. Monika Kruse returns to SIGHT some months after her last visit to greet Pacha Barcelona's most loyal crowd with her unique musical taste and style. In 2018, Monika reaffirmed her position at electronic music's Hall Of Fame, with gigs in every major festival, touring around the world – in fact, she has just got back from South America, after visitingColombia, Argentina and Uruguay -, and keeping her label, Terminal M, as one of the most iconic and respected of the industry. Kruse wants to start the year with the same energy it ended for her: making the crowd dance to her unique blend of music. Monika Kruse will be joined by Luca Donzelli, one of the artists behind Wow! Recordings, and SIGHT's resident, Steve Bimbelan. Get your tickets to see Monika Kruse and start the year in style with SIGHTby clicking here.
January 4th: Fact w/ Gaiser
SIGHT's year start is usually marked by the visit of a truly unique artist: Gaiser is back to Pacha Barcelona's dancefloor with his take on minimalist grooves and experimentation. Jon Gaiser was doing the rounds during 2018, playing at the best techno arenas in the world and, starting this 2019, the North American star is starting with the same energy and momentum. Let's see what he has prepared for us in the new year, but meanwhile, SIGHT's crowds will have the chance to enjoy his unique show. Gaiser will be joined by SIGHT's resident, Andre Buljat, and the dear friend of the session, CAAL. Get your tickets to see Jon Gaiser at SIGHT, by clicking here.

January 11th: Heidi
As it's become tradition in January, SIGHT likes to please its crowd bringing their favorite artist to make them dance and dance. That's why, on the third night of the month, Pacha Barcelona's underground session is summoning Heidi, one of the most energetic and respected artists in the scene. The Canadian-born, London-based artists, creator of the Jackaton nights, is back to one of her favorite cities and club, thanks to SIGHT, to start 2019 as it deserves: with a good party. Heidi will be joined by Oscar Akagy and SIGHT's residentSteve Bimbelan. Get your tickets to see Heidi at SIGHT, by clicking here.

January 18th: Enzo Siragusa, Joey Daniel & Seb Zito
Although his last name might take us to Italy, Enzo Siragusa is one of United Kingdom's most respected DJ and producer. Being one of the most relevant techno imports from the British isles in the last few years, Enzo is the master and commander of  Fuse & Infuse label and night – that closed 2018 with its 10 year celebration -, turning his ventures into truly outstanding platforms. Enzo won't be alone in SIGHT, as he'll be joined by two other great artists: Holland's best, Joey Daniel, and his fellow countryman, Seb Zito. All of them had a terrific 2018 and this 2019 they are set to rise the ante and continue their conquest of the scene. Get your tickets to see Enzo Siragusa, Joey Daniel & Seb Zito at SIGHT, by clicking here.

January 25th: Opulence w/ Cuartero b2b Guti
SIGHT will close January with a truly unique and special night. Pacha Barcelona's underground session is bringing two techno heavyweights to the dancefloor: Cuartero & Guti will be the ones in charge of conducting the night for clubbing brand Opulence, with one of their iconic b2b sets. If separately, both Cuartero and Guti are hugely successful, when they join the spark and the good music is assured, as they both share a great chemistry behind decks. Cuartero and Guti's b2b session will be joined by the performance of Cali Lanauze. Get your tickets to enjoy Cuartero & Guti's b2b setat SIGHT, by clicking here.

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