Betta Lemme unleashes “Give It” music video

Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Betta Lemme is Ultra Music's latest global sensation. Her debut single “Bambola” went viral, amassing nearly 50 million views on YouTube to date. The track peaked on the charts at #1 in Israel, #4 and certified-GOLD in Italy, and #50 Worldwide. Before “Bambola,” Betta made her splash onto the scene co-writing and lending vocals on Sofi Tukker‘s smash hit “Awoo” which saw commercial success and over 25M streams across DSPs. While the numbers are quite compelling, what fans find most intriguing is her ability to seamlessly fuse the French, Italian, and English language throughout her songs.  

Watch now, here:

Last Friday, Betta was delighted to release her new single “Give It” along with the visual via . The tastemaker magazine went on to dub the track “Britney Spears meets Nine Inch Nails… You have to hear it to believe it.” In preparation for the release, Betta asked her fans to share their secrets with her and received an overwhelming number of submissions, all while alluding to what may be behind the mystifying pink door seen in the music and images across her socials. “Give It” is not only an introduction to the new content slated for 2019 but also a taste of Betta's duality as a pop artist. With only a handful of official tunes released, a certified-GOLD debut, and thousands of eager fans yearning to hear and learn more, Betta has marked herself as an artist to watch in the new year.

When asked about “Give It,” Betta Lemme shared: “Sonically, ‘Bambola' and ‘Give It' are polar opposites, I know. But not all of me is glittery. Something about this song felt powerful and cinematic. Upon playing it, we could all transport and picture our own film in our heads. Plus, it sounds like the offspring of Britney Spears and Nine Inch Nails and that in itself makes me very happy.” She added: “I began playing parts of the guitar that aren't usually used for recording and scraped my nails against the strings off of the fretboard and that's how the song was born.

When I closed my eyes, I pictured a curious girl walking down a long corridor of a dark club in Berlin. I couldn't shake the image of this hallway in my mind since recording it so the video treatment was built around the track's immense drop… We all have fears, hopes, insecurities, anxieties, and we keep them as secrets. Why? There's always a little part of we hide out of fear of judgement. Let it come out to play every now and then and you may learn something about yourself you would've never imagined. Enjoy them. Explore them. They're probably more fun than you think.”

“Give It” is available to stream / purchase now, here:

Every Betta Lemme song is a movie, or at least part of a movie, a scene set for supreme drama and impetuous romance and sometimes a little lovely tragedy. With her opulent sense of melody, the Montreal-bred singer/songwriter dreams up dance music that not only elicits beautiful movement, but builds entire worlds inside your mind.

Having recently signed a record deal with Ultra Music, Betta is now at work on her full-length debut. Each of her forthcoming songs are sprung from an elaborate dreamworld where her icons are her closest companions, all designated an essential role – Freddie Mercury is her father, Gaga's her older sister, Liberace's her decorator, etc. When sculpting a new song, she often chooses two disparate artists and envisions their unlikely offspring (e.g., the musical baby of Nine Inch Nails and Britney Spears). Other times, Betta imagines songs as soundtracks to very specific movie moments, such as a dance-track-in-the-works she conceptualized as a Quentin Tarantino fight scene. “I'm just creating, creating, creating,” Betta says. “I'm taking my time with everything because I don't want to ever come out with cheap sounds – I want to come out with beautiful songs for you to dance or cry to.”

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