Mateo Paz Guestmix on Viralbpm

Mateo Paz Guestmix on Viralbpm

Polish Progressive House sensation Mateo Paz has been climbing the ranks recently with some huge remixes such as Deng & Slavak’s ‘Lunar Path’ which hit the top 100 Progressive Beatport chart and top10 in the Hype charts. He also curates his ‘Gain’ podcast weekly that provides the very best tracks the Progressive House scene has to offer at the minute. Check out Guestmix on Viralbpm below.

Polish sensation has grabbed 2018 by the horns, and continued his progression to stardom. From getting his first big slot at Sensation/Wicked Wonderland in 2009, to entering the Beatport Top 10 at #4, his initial in the scene were immediately successful.

Tracklist of  Guestmix on Viralbpm:

1. Mateo Paz – Feel Your Heart (Paul Hamilton Remix) (00:00-06:23)

2. Reverbate – Mojo Hand (Original Mix) [Gangster Music] (06:23-10:46)

3. David Armada & Petzi – Conquistador (Original Mix) [Rorschach Records] (10:46-16:44)

4. Telephone Life – Behind You  [Intricate Records] (16:44-22:34)

5. Bob The Groove – 7 Days from Far Away (Original Mix) [Findike Records] (22:34-30:21)

6. James Grow – Hank Moody (Original Mix) [Carpe Diem Musica] (30:21-36:02)

7. James Grow – Hank Moody (Phonix Remix) [Carpe Diem Musica] (36:02-40:10)

8. ft Asmik Shiroyan – Mine alone (Gain mix) [Microbios] (40:10-46:53)

9. Milkwish – Your Love (Extended Mix) [Colorize (Enhanced)] (46:53-51:35)

10. Outcome – Life After  [Simulation Records] (51:35-58:11)

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