Don’t Say You Love Me

Dave Till and Codice have joined forces on ‘Don’t Say You Love Me’

Dave Till and Codice have joined forces oneagain to create a stunning EDM track titled ‘Don't Say You Love Me'. The songstarts off slow and emotional before building up to a drop that adds justenough impact to take the tune to a higher level without becoming a heavy clubhit.

The classic EDM-style vocals with its stripped back verses allow thisproduction to be the perfect, bright sing-along song. The duo have alsoincluded a second tune for this release titled ‘Stay', following the theme of‘Don't Say You Love Me' they have producedanother chilled yet funky hit with a beautiful female vocal to gowith. The EP is an absolute pleasure to listen to.

is one of Belgium's fastest growing artists first brought to the spotlight by & Like Mike. Since then he has been supported by the likes of Hardwell, Tiesto, Blasterjaxx and Martin Garrix to name a few. Codice is also a force to be reckoned with as the 18 year old has been producing from the age of 14 and has seen support from artists such as , Timmo Hendricks and TWIIG. The two together are a match made in heaven.

‘Don't Say You Love Me' is out on Brook GeeRecords. Buy/Stream it here.

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