Shaun Frank & Hunter Siegel

Shaun Frank & Hunter Siegel are creating ‘Shapes’

Shaun Frank returns alongside Hunter Siegel in what might be called a club track made in collab heaven. Cause these guys bring out the best in each other, working up a pumping groove, blazing bass action and jumpy chords, along with the exciting vocals of Roshin. ‘Shaun Frank & Hunter Siegel – Shapes‘ has come with a stellar music video, consisting of ‘found footage’ from a confiscated phone, seeing various people shuffling on the streets, in their homes, gardens – providing this bass heavy tune with the best possible vibe. 

For sure, their first official teamup couldn’t have turned out any better. On the one hand Canadian artist Shaun Frank, known for worldwide dance hits like ‘LA LA LAND’, ‘ Of Grey’ and ‘Heaven’, on the other fellow countryman Hunter Siegel, known house afficionado with hits like ‘OTF’, ‘Still Waiting’ and ‘621’.

Both acts are renowned for dropping refined dance gems, filled with infectious rhythms and strong melodic hooks, and ‘Shapes’ is the perfect blend of their distinct sounds. Working up awesome bass lines and radiant vocals by Roshin, the track has been receiving widespread DJ support, including guys like Martin Garrix, Hardwell, Don Diablo, Lucas & Steve, and many more.

“Super stoked to have this collab with Hunter Siegel, we’ve been super close friends for years, and have helped each other a lot with each other’s music, but somehow never got a proper collab together. This will probably be the first of many!” – Shaun Frank

“Unbeknownst to the general public Shaun and I have had a huge impact on each other’s music over the years. During the early stages of both our projects we had studios across from each other and always had a hand in the final stages of each other’s music. This is the first time we’ve been able to manage to get a song with BOTH our names on it but definitely not the first time we’ve tried haha!”

Listen to ‘Shaun Frank & Hunter Siegel’ below or buy/stream it here.

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