Soundcloud Serato
Soundcloud Serato

Soundcloud Serato: DJs to browse and play music from the streaming platform during their live sets

SoundCloud has expanded not only its functionality but its appeal to DJs with the introduction of Serato integration. Serato will allow DJs to browse SoundCloud and play music from the streaming platform during their live sets.

Today’s is the first time DJs can mix and stream SoundCloud’s massive catalog directly in professional-level DJ software,” said SoundCloud CEO, Kerry Trainor.

It is the first development in SoundCloud’s broader effort to merge SoundCloud’s catalog with high-grade DJ software. SoundCloud intends to integrate Native Instruments, Mixvibes, Hercules, Virtual DJ, and DEX3 in the months to come.

Those interested in using SoundCloud with Serato will need to subscribe to SoundCloud’s Go+ package, at a cost of $9.99 per month. SoundCloud is now compatible with Serato DJ Pro 2.1 and DJ Lite 1.1, meaning that DJs will need either version of the software to mix and stream SoundCloud offerings. DJs will also need a stable Wi-Fi connection, as SoundCloud does not currently support offline Serato pairing.

H/T: Resident Advisor

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