Jason Ross “Don’t Give Up On Me” on Seven Lions’ Ophelia Records

Jason Ross “Don’t Give Up On Me” on Seven Lions’ Ophelia Records

Jason Ross has just unveiled his brand new single “Don't Give Up On Me” featuring . The single marks his second release on Seven Lion‘s Ophelia Records. The young electronic music phenom has made an exceptional name for himself during the recently ended ‘Journey 2' tour with Seven Lions, showing off his innate ability to mix between progressive trance and melodic dubstep before 80,000+ fans across the two-month tour. 

Soaking up inspiration from his tour with Seven Lions, “Don't Give Up On Me” begins with Dia Frampton's graceful vocals, which mesh perfectly with Jason's breathtaking melodic bass sounds. The single incorporates heavy synths and soothing melodies to create a blissful listening landscape. 

On creating the track, Jason says: “The track started off as a simple piano progression that can be heard in the intro of the track. This was around the time where I really started experimenting with the melodic dubstep sound and I knew I wanted to take it that route. When you're making a new genre of music that you're not accustomed to, you really start to second guess yourself, but with this track, I knew it was something special and I was proud of how it turned out.

I first heard of Dia when I remixed 's ‘Needed You'. She has such a kind and beautiful voice. I sent her this track and she sent me back the perfect vocals. it matched so well with the emotion I was trying to convey in the music. Really just a pleasant and fun experience working with her!”

“Don't Give Up On Me” is a stellar release to end the year, as fans patiently wait for his headlining ‘ROOMS' tour and EP of the same name in early 2019. Immersing himself in electronic music since his debut release in 2014 “Burma,” Jason's solo catalogue includes hits such as “Valor,” “Me Tonight,” and “Through it All,” making him one of one of Anjunabeats brightest stars. 

Jason and Seven Lions have had a longstanding friendship that has naturally developed into a synergic working partnership, as the two have produced together as well as toured together.  Through their collaborative released hits “Ocean” and “Higher Love,” has found his ability to open his horizons with producing and generating his artistry to a whole new level. 

Jason Ross will be releasing “ROOMS” on Anjunabeats in early 2019 but for now, take some time to listen to ‘Don't Give Up On Me' on Ophelia Records. 


*More dates to be added

Jan 25 – Exchange, Los Angeles, CA

Jan 26 – Mezzanine, San Francisco, CA

Jan 31 – Aston Manor, Seattle, WA

Feb 1 – The Church, Denver, CO

Feb 2 – Celebrities, Vancouver, BC

Feb 9 – REV, Minneapolis, MN

Feb 15 – Sound-Bar, Chicago, IL

Feb 16 – The Grasshopper, Detroit, MI

Feb 23 –  CODA, Toronto ON

Mar 1 – Soundcheck, Washington DC

Mar 8 – Vulcan, Austin, TX

Mar 9 – Gilt, Orlando, FL

Mar 14 – Sky, Salt Lake City, UT

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