10 Years of Kolombo Playlist

10 Years of Kolombo Playlist, Xmas Mix, SA Tour 2019

We are very close to celebrate a new Xmas season with our loved ones, to say ‘sayonara' to 2018, start with illusion the new 2019… Yes, all that is just around the corner. The Belgian Olivier Grégoire aka Kolombo and before all this magic happens, decided to prepare an Xmas Mix (free download), also dedicate a few words talking about 2018 and expectations for 2019, and finally offer a Playlist (Spotify) to summarize 10 Years of Kolombo Playlist!

“2018 was a really special! This year I tried to change a bit my sound, I felt the necessity of this and now I'm finding myself again without losing my identity. I had the opportunity to play in many places in the world, I had some debut releases, my house is finally finished and my wife is touring with me, so it couldn't end better.

2019 I expect to release a bit more on other labels, perform in places where I've never been before, to keep working hard to make all this real. But even, if the new year is just like 2018, I wouldn't complain!”.
(Kolombo)Best of luck for 2019; Take it easy and speak soon! 

Listen to his djset below to celebrate 10 Years of Kolombo Playlist and tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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