Matt Nash - Frequency

Matt Nash returns with “Frequency”

English DJ/producer Matt Nash delivers the tempting club tune “Frequency” on Spinnin' Records. Expect catchy hooks with groove beats and phat basslines.

This is bouncy stuff in a future house jacket, a DJ's favorite to say the least, underlined by support from guys like Don Diablo, David Guetta, and more. 

Matt Nash Interview

Read our exclusive interview with Matt Nash

Viralbpm caught up with the British producer to talk about his past, present and future.

UK DJ and producer, now based in the Netherlands, , keeps on releasing groovy-ones that we were used to hearing in the past years but from another angle of view.

In September, Matt Nash team up with Venomenal for a compelling piece of future house, released through Don Diablo‘s HEXAGON label titled ‘Feel It‘. Moreover, his previous 2018 summer solos “Home” and “Universe” are also among his must hear tracks.

Now, listen to “Frequency” below or buy/stream it here.

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