John Dahlbäck emerges with album Find A Home

John Dahlbäck emerges with album Find A Home

Ever since John Dahlbäck showcased his refurbished signature sound through title track ‘Find A Home’ at the start of the year, fans have been highly anticipating the release of his brand-new album. Today, that moment has arrived, as ‘Find A Home’ sees its full-fledged album release on Amsterdam-based record label Armada Music. Buy/stream John Dahlbäck’s new album Find A Home here.

Three after the monumental ‘Saga’ album, adds another chapter to his story in the form of ‘Find A Home’. A breath of fresh air for dance music lovers from all over the world, ‘Find A Home’ is a beautiful, 15-track crossover album (including the previously unreleased ‘Stick’) that juggles warm, homely records with tougher songs made for the dance floor, offering a safe haven for all sorts of electronic music enthusiasts.

John Dahlbäck: This album is sort of a breath of fresh air for me. I felt like I could step out of the box and do exactly what I wanted to do. So it was like finding home. I combined warmth with some tougher elements and I think it really worked out! There is something for everyone in this selection of songs.”

Listen to the album Find A Home and tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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