Steve Void Releases Infectious New Single ‘Closure’

Netherlands native, Steve Void is back with a contagious new electro-pop single ‘Closure’, officially marking the 100th release on his very own label ‘Strange Fruits’. The single is now available to stream across all platforms.


‘Closure’ is a bubbly and infectious single bringing together strings, dreamy piano chords and angelic vocals from artist, Andy Marsh, blending to form a cohesively pop leaning hit. The track features booming kicks subtly landing across a euphoric soundscape, aligning for a pure radio smash. Additionally, the bassline continues to build before finally falling into a wildly contagious electro-pop drop, serving as ultimate ear candy for listeners. Moreover, Void has only just begun to tap into his eclectic production sounds as ‘Closure’ follows his unique and endless playable single ‘Paranoid’ featuring vocalist, Yvette.

When it comes to consistently releasing extraordinary music,
 is able to do just that.‘ – Earmilk

Last but not least, ‘Strange Fruits’ ambitiously releases new music weekly for listeners. Additionally, the label has independently amassed over 100 million streams across its entire catalogue. And continues to provide a home for independent producers and vocalist across the globe. With a flourishing discography and abundance of talented artists, ‘Strange Fruits’ is a label standout. And is well on his way to developing an unwavering musical empire.

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