Kestis Gabriel - Himmelen (Storgards Dub Mix)

Premiere + Interview: Kestis Gabriel – Himmelen (Storgards Dub Mix)

Since the of his new catalog under Void Records, Storgards has been cultivating his personal sub-label under the aegis of the imprint founded by Wayne & Woods. Having forged a formidable reputation with his various previous releases, such as ‘Mono No Aware EP' and ‘Moments', up-and-coming Swedish producer is now cherry-picked for an infectious Dub Mix on Kestis Gabriel‘s new track ‘Himmelen'. Viralbpm sat down with the Storgards once again for an exclusive interview, as we have the privilege to premiere  – Himmelen (Storgards Dub Mix), out on Saturday via Void Records. 

V1. Following your previous collab ‘Moments', you joined forces with Kestis Gabriel once again, this time being on Dub Mix duties for his new track ‘Himmelen'. You seem to be getting along well together. How did you two meet up?

Storgards: Yes, we met through a mutual friend actually. He's definitely one of the most special producers I've worked with. I really like his way of forming songs and I think you can tell that he's a real musician who likes to push boundaries.

V2. Tell us some more info about your ‘Kestis Gabriel – Himmelen (Storgards Dub Mix)'. What inspired you to put your magic on it?

— Void Records (@Voidrec) December 1, 2018

Storgards: Thanks, it was actually one of the first songs he ever played for us. Me and my team fell in love directly when we heard it. My idea was to still keep the same vibe but more minimalistic and cleaner. I really hope people are gonna like this one, it's a bit different from what my other records sounds like but I think you can tell on certain elements that it is a Storgards production.

V3. Any other new tracks-collabs or Void releases you are working on and could reveal to us? Give us some hints!

Storgards: There will be an EP coming out in the beginning of next year which I'm really excited about.

V4. Previously, we've premiered your track with Swedish Anckastrom ‘Vemodet' off your ‘Mono No Aware EP' on . Were you satisfied with the outcome?

Storgards: Yes, Vemodet was the first song on the MNA EP. The support was great. And I'm really grateful on the support from you guys. You're doing a great job with everything.

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