Tilted Towers

Alesso returns as a ninja with his latest banger “Tilted Towers“

Featured on the Ninjawerks album, Swedish star Alesso hits the limelight again with his latest banger “Tilted Towers“ on Astralwerks Records. This tune showcases some of those old school vibes, contrary to his latest single pop release “Remedy”.

Full of rich bass lines, pumping drums, and a vocal filled breakdown, this track is perfect for raging and at the same time a refreshing single to come from the Swedish mastermind. “Tilted Towers” is a super energetic track sure to invade the sets of DJ's everywhere. Unique in how it combines heavy electro with ethnic vocal lines, the track showcases Alesso's ability to always think outside the box and make music that inspires people.

There are many advancements brewing regarding Alesso's work and future plans for the rest of 2018. In December, he heads to Indonesia and China to play in Hong Kong and Bali. December is a pretty decent month for him as he also hits up New Jersey and then Florida.

“Tilted Towers” contains more club based elements ready to turn the energy up at any party. Check it out below or buy/stream it here.

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