BMKLTSCH RCRDS 100th release

Mike Mago Interview: BMKTLSCH boss speaks about 100th release

In celebration of BMKLTSCH RCRDS 100th release Mike Mago‘s label is throwing in all personal favourite gems and secret treasures his imprint has thrown into the world since its existence. From one of the first releases like “RipTide & Hidden Cat – Space” to more recent ones like “Illyus & Barrientos – California”.

Find the whole range of music they supported and which artists they have given a platform. Find out how they’ve developed over the years and that although they have released a broad range of music, there is a big simularity between all the releases; eager to call that the “BMKLTSCH sound”.

Following our recent interview,Viralbpm sat down with Mike Mago once again to talk about BMKLTSCH RCRDS 100th release, favorite tracks of his label’s milestone, Mike Rogers new alias together with RogerSeventytwo, but also some moments of truth. Buy/Stream the full album here including some Dance, House, Deep House, Disco & Future House vibes and read our exclusive interview below. 

V1. How do you feel about this BMKLTSCH RCRDS milestone?

Mike Mago: Feels really good. Bmkltsch is a big part of my live and I have started it even before starting to produce myself and it started just by thinking, it would be really cool to support these artist and DJ friends of mine and give them a platform. I didnt know sh#t about the business side of label running. I just did it cause I had and still have a big passion for music. It’s been a long road and though its always been fun pushing the music we love, we have had many obstacles aswell. It feels like now though, Bmkltsch is as strong as ever. We just sceduled in the first hald of 2019 and I’m so excited about what we’re going to release!

OUT NOW! Release 100! Stream it here


V2. If you had to name one track that’s your favorite one from all the 100th releases, which would that be and why?

Mike Mago: Ah that’s a dangerous question to answer. 🙂 Because, obviously, I love so many and they all have a special place in my heart. They are all favorites in one way or another. But to not leave you without a track, I’d say Riptide & Hidden Cat (Savile remix), mainly because I doubt many people know it and it’s not an obvious club track, it’s really mellow, but so emotional and deep. I have played that one the most in my house.

V3. Any favorite moments or interesting stories since your label’s establishment?

Mike Mago: Well’ I think The whole change of the musicall landscape form radio/itunes to Spotify, AppleMusic and Deezer etc 2 years ago have had a big impact in how we run things. We used to be DJ focused every release before, but now we also take in account how a track will perform on the DSP’s. Which is cool cause it broadens our spectrum.

A cool specific moment though, was when we did a stage on Exit festival, couple of years back. I remember playing Marvin Gaye ‘Sunny’ during sunrise and the area was filled with loads of smiling faces and most of the artist performing that day we’re amongst them. Still get goosebumps thinking about that..

V4. Moment of truth: Do you listen to all the demos that you receive in BMKLTSCH RCRDS?

Mike Mago: Yes, always! But I don’t reply, unless I think it’s a good track. I think it’s my job to give someone an ear, but all in all I have too little time to react to every demo.

V5. In a recent interview, we also talked about the launch of ‘Mike Rogers’ alias together with RogerSeventytwo. Any news/tracks on this?

Mike Mago: Yes! A big part of our scedule next year is actually filled with Mike Rogers releases. We really have loads of tracks ready to be released and starting from Januari we will release a Mike Rogers track every month!

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