Black EP

Ales Gehringer’s long awaited ‘Black EP’

Ales Gehringer, also known as DJ Orbith has released a brand new production titled ‘Black EP' via Dense Audio. ‘Black' is a high tempo beat with lot of complex percussion elements. This track's repetitive nature is dangerously hypnotic along with a soul shattering vocal sample weaved throughout. Dark and atmospheric with a build up leading to a kick heavy drop that will make you lose yourself in the music. Perfect for any Techno track.

The ‘Black EP' also consists of 2 other remixes from Maksim Dark & Ricky Ebner and Holy Dory. Maksim Dark and Ricky Ebner's version has much more of a progressive feel but is just as dark. The production features a driving bass and gritty synths and is sure to be a huge club hit. Holy Dory's spin on Gehringer's ‘Black' is an exceptional hard-hitting techno track that fully captures the essence of the original from a different perspective.

All 3 of these productions are absolutely stunning and are out now on .

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