Hook N Sling - Turning Me On

Hook N Sling release “Turning Me On”

Australian DJ/Producer Hook N Sling returns with the enticing club tune ‘Turning Me On”, laying down a steady house groove before unleashing some major chords, freaky vocal samples and lots of action in the lower regions.

This is bouncy stuff in a future house jacket, a DJ's favorite to say the least, underlined by support from guys like , , & Like Mike, , Mike Williams, and more.

Released via Spinnin' Records's new offering follows his Astralwerks‘ hit “Shoot Down The Sun” and also  the newly revamped Hooks Club Mix version. Moreover, Hook N Sling joined forces with London based act Digital Farm Animals for powerful summer chant, ‘Arms Around Me' on Polydor Records.

With several platinum-selling records under his belt and dubbed one of the top 400 most Spotify artists in the world, Hook N Sling's future is looking brighter than ever.

Listen to the track below or buy/stream it here and tell us also your thoughts in the comments.

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