Third Floor's long awaited ‘Almost Whole EP’

Third Floor’s long awaited ‘Almost Whole EP’

UK producer Third Floor, aka Aaron Bannie is back for his brand new ‘Almost Whole EP’ featuring 4 tracks including his hit tune ‘Lying Eyes’ featuring Ryan Konline. All 4 songs are beautifully produced and can only be described as silky slow jams, there’s a great selection of talented vocalists and rappers to enhance Third Floor’s productions such as Ryan Konline and Kamaliza.

Third Floor’s style can only be described as alternative British pop intelligence fused with a tinge of an Australian musical heartbeat. In all of his productions a story is told in the most beautifully honest way no matter how emotional, this sets Aaron apart from other producers as his openness to express his rawness and vulnerability is applauded by many.

This ‘Almost Whole EP’ comes from a very meaningful place as Third Floor has spent the last 18 months battling a chronic illness that has seen him go in and out of surgeries and rehab, all whilst suffering a romantic heartbreak; now on the mend this EP is an ode to his journey of recovery.

The EP explores a multitude of lessons learnt during this difficult time such as honest in relationships as expressed in the track ‘Lying Eyes’ and learning self-love in the song ‘You’. Full of emotion and his signature atmospheric pop elements, this EP is some of Third Floor’s greatest work.

Listen to ‘Almost Whole EP‘ below or buy/stream it here.


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