Creatures Of The Night

AFSHeeN teams up with Rebecca Ferguson for ‘Creatures Of The Night’

You don't just sell double Platinum (writing for Armin van Buuren's ‘Sunny Days') and earn a Latin Grammy nomination for nothing. Once again demonstrating why his work is received so well across the globe, L.A.-based artist AFSHeeN just released his brand-new team-up with British singer-songwriter and X-Factor star Rebecca Ferguson called ‘Creatures Of The Night', a song that shows exactly again why he's so rapidly turning into one of dance music's staple artists. Listen to feat. Rebecca Ferguson – Creatures Of The Night here.

AFSHeeN: “I have always been a big fan of the song ‘Self Control' by Laura Branigan (1983), and one night when my manager and I were hanging out, this song came on and we both jumped off our seats in excitement. He told me he always wanted to hear a new rendition of this song and re-introduce it to a new generation… I felt the same and I was up for the challenge and got to work. I started the initial version when I was in Korea and It took around three years and twelve versions to finally be happy with what you hear now. I had just finished a song called ‘Uncrazy' with the incredibly talented Rebecca Fergusson, and thought she would be an amazing artist to vocal this song. She heard my rendition, and she agreed. Her voice brought this record home! We knew Armada would be a great label for this song, and basically four years after the initial idea, here we are!”

A perfect merger of slow and deliberate House-flavored goodness and Rebecca Ferguson's shimmering vocals, AFSHeeN's debut on knocks it out of the park on its first try. From the striding bassline to the mesmerizing chords to the quirky off-beat snaps, this cut makes you run to the dance floor like a maniac and go wild till morning arrives, like true ‘Creatures Of The Night'.

 Rebecca Ferguson: “When AFSHeeN played me the song, I fell in love. I was like ‘wow, this is amazing'. I wanted to listen to it over and over again. I'm so happy about being a part of this song and working with Armada; my roots are in electro and dance music, so it's been fun going back to it and working with AFSHeeN and others. He makes music fun! I forget the business side of it all when I was working with his team. It's all about being creative.”

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