Mind Access EP

POPOF announces ‘Mind Access EP’ via Elevate

Popof makes his debut for Pig&Dan’s Elevate imprint with three more outstanding techno juggernauts in ‘Mind Access EP’. Each one tailored to cut through the mix with chainsaw charm, there’s a high voltage danger and rattling edge to each cut that’s so strong it’s palpable.

Say yes to ‘No Way’: A prowling, lead track laced with unbounded tension and a menacing sense of momentum; it sucks us back into the noir world the French artist left us in on his ‘Confusion’ EP for MOOD earlier this year. It also sets us up perfectly for ‘Mind Access’; unapologetically acidic, its sinewy rasps whip such a state of chaos before breaking down an industrial strength kick and a percussive build up that will melt minds, bodies and souls.

For Popof’s final ELEVATE salute we roll out with ‘On The Line’. Subtly streamlined and purring with alien grace, while the other two incendiary tracks crash into your psyche, this one creeps. But when it does catch up you, your crowd and everyone in a three mile vicinity will know about it.

Mind Access EP: Three more precision pieces from one of the most consistent and prolific techno producers in operation on one of the most exciting and innovative labels in the game; this one’s a keeper. Cop it here before it pops. 

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