Paris Blohm & Paul Aiden - Alive

Paris Blohm & Paul Aiden – Alive drops on Revealed Recordings

Paris Blohm is no stranger to Revealed Recordings, with a history spanning 5 and taking in successes such as the all-time classic ‘Left Behind’ in 2014 and ‘Something About You’ in 2016, both preceding this year’s return with the huge ‘Body High’ which recently surpassed 1 million streams. Listen to Paris Blohm & Paul Aiden – Alive below.

Paris Blohm is back to Revealed Recordings with his latest high-impact single ‘Alive’, featuring the vocal talents of Paul Aiden, with a track that is set to extend his run of successful releases on the label.

The track features expert production skills, as roaring synth swells provide a perfect bed for the drums and hooks to excel. The first breakdown signals an almost ominous tone, as ’s reverb-drenched vocals enter the fray as the track build towards the first drop. That sense of foreboding makes way for an uplifting, glitchy lead, which keeps things fresh and is sure to get the dancefloor moving.

Paris Blohm has been a prominent name in the dance music scene for a number of years, receiving support from the likes of label boss Hardwell, David Guetta, W&W, and Blasterjaxx, and ‘Alive’ is only set to further cement his name as a go-to for certified dancefloor bombs. Get your copy of ‘Alive’ when it is released 16th November via Revealed Recordings.

Listen to Paris Blohm & release – Alive below or buy/stream it here.

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