Sandro Silva & Anjulie

Sandro Silva & Anjulie have teamed up for “Show Me”

Sandro Silva & Anjulie have teamed up to create the next chapter in their prospective legacies. Their newest EDM & Pop-infused single “Show Me” shows the world what both of them are made of, and prove that their chemistry is a hard one to come by.

The track has a visceral song arrangement put together by that compliments the impressively eclectic vocal range that Anjulie brings to the track. And together, the duo combines their efforts in a way that brings their collective talents to the forefront and really keeps you focused on their collaborative dynamics.

Anjulie's vocal range is beautifully showcased and presents dangerously catchy hooks with a chorus that'll keep you singing along even long after it's over. “Show Me” is the kind of song with staying power -the power to stay with you long after the song ends, and a song you can come back to time and time again and appreciate all over again in new ways.

This track has that instant-classic status and combines two artists that have unsurpassed talents that will easily exceed your expectations. The vocals are memorable, the production is top of the line, and the collaboration is brilliant. You won't get enough of this song.“Show Me” officially releases on November 16th through Interstellar label and will be available on several digital music retailers and streaming platforms. This'll be one of your favorite releases before the year is out, and you'll be glad to hear it first!

Sandro Silva established himself as one of today's pioneers in modern electronic dance music, and discovered his affinity for it at a young age from personal influences of Tiesto, David Guettaand Calvin Harris. After manifesting into a versatile and multifaceted creator over the and touring the globe to perform at some of the world's most elite hotspots, he has become a pivotal role in the EDM circuit and has also helped other artists get off the ground. And his newest collaboration with acclaimed artist Anjulie is also a brilliant demonstration of his songwriting spark and hallmark of Sandra's legacy as a musician.

Anjulie, who collaborates on the newest track “Show Me” (under the name Sandro Silva & Anjulie), is a Juno award winning, platinum selling, Canadian, Guyanese, Indian singer-songwriter and producer from Toronto all wrapped up into one multifaceted explosion of talent. Since entering the music market, she has had the opportunity to collaborate with several superstars including , Zedd, Boombox Cartel, , Nicki Minaj and to name a few. Her music has also been featured on major networks that include HBO, ABC, NBC, MTV and also received an MTV Music Award Nomination for “Best Breakout Video of the Year”.

Listen to “Show Me” below or buy/stream it here and tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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