Tommy Jones releases EDM banger ‘Summertime Dreaming'

Tommy Jones releases ‘Summertime Dreaming’

Tommy Jones' latest track does exactly what it says on the tin. ‘Summertime Dreaming' transports you to a beach party on the West Coast, drinking cocktails and dancing in the hot sun. This EDM track features powerful vocals and a chorus that you can't help but move to encompassed in punchy synths and a groovy bass line for good measure.

Hailing from Mexico, Tommy moved to to pursue his musical career and he has absolutely exceeded himself with releases such as ‘Calling Your Name' and ‘Monkey Dance' so it would only be right if ‘Summertime Dreaming' was added to the list too. Tommy's music has seen support from the likes of , Sophie Francis and Paul Bingham.

‘Summertime Dreaming' is out now on Chicago's favourite Electronic Dance Music label Phunk Junk Records.

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