Marcioz shares "INTERSTELLAR!” on Ultra Music

Marcioz shares “INTERSTELLAR!” on Ultra Music

At the young age of 20, Brazilian producer Marcioz is already flexing his production prowess with his newest creation “INTERSTELLAR!,” which is out now on Ultra Music and . The track starts off sounding like a modern lullaby as soft spoken vocals by Slow Shudder come in, before breaking down into an incredibly unique glitchy future bass drop.

“INTERSTELLAR!” follows a slew of releases from the producer, including his How To Make Love $tay EP and the single “Nameless Waltz (She Finally Falls),” both of which show a distinct signature sound that the producer is working toward. His cosign from is just the beginning of his upward rise in the indie dance music space.

's (pronounced “mar-see-ohz”) first EP was released two years ago, and was an eclectic blend of electronic soundscapes, like a test of the sounds and area of the music world in which the young artist could be residing in. Drawing upon inspirations spanning everything from his introverted nature to expressing his wild emotions and feelings through music, Marcioz acknowledges that his recent EP How To Make Love $tay is his “most pretentious piece of work”. It's a bold statement, condescending yet strangely fascinating in its self-awareness. The four-track EP is like a portrait drawn in pieces, with each piece representing a different aspect of Marcioz as a person. It's also a project that leans on the indie side of the spectrum, with electronic elements acting more as an enhancer of sensations above all else.

Listen to Marcioz “INTERSTELLAR!” below or buy/stream it here.

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