Michael Calfan releases new track "Sydney's Song"

Michael Calfan releases new track “Sydney’s Song”

Michael Calfan has returned with his latest single and a new sound in tow, as he has moved on from his “Treasured Soul” to “Sydney's Song”. Released via Unity Records, a beautifully moving and infectious blend of electronic production rooted in house and R&B. As the credits clarify, the song is seemingly named for the featured singer and songwriter Sydney Elizabeth Ragland's can-do vocals.

Just a few years ago, the French producer and DJ went from making big room house to making in a new sound that he dubbed “electro soul.” Known also as the master of ‘Soul House',  has brought his unique style of euphoric house music to the forefront of the electronic music scene with his hits “Mercy”, “Treasured Soul”, “Brothers”, “Over Again” and “Nobody Does It Better”.

Moreover, a few months ago, the Paris based producer and DJ, after a long hiatus made his long-awaited return, following his smash hits with “On You” on One More Tune / . Since that single hit the UK top 20, Michael Calfan has taken some time out to reflect and experiment with new sounds and styles.

Listen to “Sydney's Song” below or stream/download it for free here and tell your thoughts in the comments.

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