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1989 feat. Superwalkers

Sebjak’s new offering “1989 feat. Superwalkers”

Having embarked on 2018 with Sebjak‘s collaboration with Superwalkers on “Look At Me“, Bibliothèque Records returns with the same successful recipe to end this year. The new track is titled “1989 feat. Superwalkers” and it finds the two Swedish acts unite once again for a hunting new vocalish deep tune.

Bibliothèque in 2018

In 2018, Bibliothèque enrolled various new and established producers, continuing its successful releases of 2017. Fast rewind, we find the brand new summer track “Hope You Like Me” by Sebjak & Özgür Can and Sebjak’s collab with Fahlberg  on ‘Ciao‘.

Following their releasing ‘From Dust‘ and also being on remix duty for SEBJAK’s ‘Look At Me‘ Bibliotheque Records then welcomed back Dissonance for the original release ‘Limbo‘. The 2018 recap finds Russian Amersy with his two-folded EP titled ‘U Want This‘ and Dassent Matter’s “Anyone Out There”, which was accompanied by his own alternative mix, as well as a remix from his friend Nick Harvin.

Bibliothèque in 2017

Moreover, given the chance of this small recap, Bibliothèque released some of the most intriguing titles of 2017. Bibliothèque Records have previously released Sebjak‘s masterpiece ‘Yeah‘, the triple collab, titled “Bring Back To Life“ by Mathieu Gocher & Tony Calrya & Killmod3 and ‘La Saforada‘ by Spanish talent Crusy. Additionally, one of Sebjak’s 2017 collabs was with Tom Taped, titled ‘To Have & To Hold‘, following the label’s releases ‘Moog‘, ‘My Love’ and “VIE”, which were also great titles, embraced by his new more dark and fresh deep sound.

Bibliothèque’s boss then released “Fellas“, following Wooden Cross & Hugo Cantarra with ‘Republique‘, while the Bibliothèque-family continued to grow its roster with talents, such as the rising Swedish producer and DJ Özgür Can, who released “Fading“, Swedish David Pietras with “Alone“ and Dissonance with “From Dust“. As we moved to the end of the summer season, (Adrien) Rux & Bedmar presented “Dream On”, which was also edited by Sebjak, and “Last Summer“.

Now focus on Sebjak’s new offering “1989 feat. Superwalkers” and tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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