Alex Mattson Talks About His Favorite Songs

Alex Mattson Talks About His Favorite Songs

Alex Mattson looks set to be one of the most talented upcoming young artists. Hailing from Finland, the Helsinki-based platinum awarded DJ/producer has been noticed in the Nordics earlier this year and was quickly signed to Ultra Music's Label. His latest single ”Anything” together with London-based producer Røry hit over 1 million Spotify streams in less than 1 month, while the tracks of his debut EP ”Eleven” have over a 20 million streams on Spotify! Moreover, Mattson's Complicated Love Tour showcased a hungry and energetic young producer ready to entertain big crowds. Mattson was also seen supporting Antti Tuisku on Tuisku's Arena tour. Earlier this year, Viralbpm sat down with and discussed about his past, present and future in an exclusive interview. This time, listen to his Spotify playlist curated exclusively for Viralbpm below, as Alex Mattson talks about his favorite songs!

1. Grey – Crime: “This song came out last year and ever since I heard it, I've been listening to it non-stop. Love the production!”

3. Shane Moyer – Coastal: “Shane is an upcoming rapper from LA and I heard this song through our mutual friend. The song feels really fresh!”

2. Kodak Black – ZEZE: “This beat is so unique I think. Just love it :D”

4. Alex Mattson – Anything: “Gotta add my latest one here. The moment we wrote this song was so magical and fun in the studio. Had to add this one.”

5. – Without You: “Just one of my all time favourites.”

6. Kygo – Nothing Left: “I met Kygo on his tour in Barcelona couple years ago and that show was the first time I heard this one live. Loving the song!”

Had the honor to meet Kygo a while ago in Barcelona on his tour. Congrats @KygoMusic and @ManagerMyles on launching the label, cool stuff 👌🔥🌴 #alexmattson #kygo

— Alex Mattson (@ItsAlexMattson) October 4, 2018

7. Kiss – Love Gun: “This song really got me into playing drums when I was a kid. Saw a live version of it on TV and from that moment I knew I want to be involved with music somehow.”

8. Toto – Hold The Line: “Just an all time favourite for me. I seriously listen to this every time i'm driving somewhere, haha!”

9. Scott Hamilton – Stockholm Sweetnin': “I had to add this since it's the best song ever to listen after a long studio session and rest your ears with it. One of my all time favourites again even though it's not pop/edm or so.. :)”

10. Skrillex – Kill EVERYBODY: “This songs is the one that got me into making edm music. I remember my sister playing it to me when it was released and my reaction was that I really want to do this kind of stuff as well.”

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