BEAUZ Collaborate With BAER On Bubbly ‘All Or Nothing’

Bernie and Johan Yang, better known as BEAUZ, are a powerhouse producing brotherhood that continue to channel their genuine love for music into each new single they create. Teaming up with vocalist BAER, the brothers breathe a breath of fresh air into the electronic music world with their new single ‘All Or Nothing'.


‘All Or Nothing' is a bright and uplifting single that graces listeners with rhythmic beats yet calming harmonies. The single captivates listeners with a soothing and enchanting bass line topped with lively melodic vocals further combined with chime-infused drops, that create the ultimate blissful soundscape.

‘All Or Nothing' follows BEAUZ  single ‘Lite Drip' where they collaborated again with mesmerizing vocalist , while also utilizing the talents of The Crushboys. Breaking out into the industry, BEAUZ released a staggering 20 tracks with some of dance music's top labels such as Spinnin' Records, Proximity, Trap Nation and more. Their remix of ' ‘Emily' has even reached the top of the charts on 's very own new and hot chart.


The year has only just begun to heat up for the brothers as they have released official remixes for the likes of Tritonal, Cash Cash and more. Their remixes of hit artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Juice WRLD and the Chainsmokers have gone viral as they have garnered over 20 million total streams on , Apple Music, and other streaming platforms.

BEAUZ believe their shared love for music is what brings them together. The brothers embrace their Asian roots by infusing oriental elements in their with contemporary electronic music. BEAUZ ultimate goal is to let the world feel what they feel though music. And as 2018 ends it is safe to say that these brothers are well on their way to achieving this as well as being a staple in the electronic music scene.

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