Morgan Page denies Collusion with Swanky Tunes

Morgan Page denies Collusion with Swanky Tunes

American producer Morgan Page today denied colluding with three Russians who are reportedly members of Swanky Tunes. “This is fake news,” insisted a statement put out by Page’s team. Listen to leaked copies of ‘Collusion’ on Youtube & Soundcloud.

Leaked versions of the track, according to sources with knowledge of the production, are described as a high energy progressive house instrumental. “It’s a banger!” remarked one of the investigators, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

When reached for comment, in what can only be described as a high-pitched, seemingly nervous tone, Page said “I have not met these Swanky Tunes characters or even produced a single note of music with them. Sad! I don’t know any Russians, I’ve never met with any Russians, no one I know has ever talked to any Russians, we don’t even use Russian dressing on our salads. . . Really nice guys though. Excited about our collab coming out. I’d work with them again,” before concluding with “Covfefe!!

Polls currently indicate the track will be very well received by the voting public; with its perfect blend of Page’s progressive melodies and Swanky Tunes’ trademark stadium-busting basslines.

Swanky Tunes refused to comment when reached by reporters, but immediately following that unleashed a barrage of tweets that pointed to the and referenced various theories about Hillary’s emails.

Fans will be able to cast their vote when the alleged ‘Collusion’ drops November 2nd worldwide on Armada Music. However, what still remains unclear in our reporting is, what on earth does covfefe mean?!

Listen to ‘Collusion’ below and tell your thoughts in the comments.

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