Armada University expands into the full-scale music production community

Armada University expands into the full-scale music production community

Not even a year has passed since Armada University first popped up on the radar with its in-depth productions courses in partnership with , but it has already expanded into something even more valuable to all those budding producers. Today, Armada University expands further and has supercharged its operation by adding in additional tools for all those aspiring dance music stars, ranging from even more courses and free studio tips from esteemed dance music producers to exciting contests, music production blogs, exclusive discounts and guaranteed demo feedback for Armada University students after each course purchase. 

Anyone who wishes to learn more about music production can subscribe for free at

In tandem with this expansion, Armada University also launched a brand-new course from Norwegian electronic music star Ørjan Nilsen. His ‘Finish My Record' course is directly tied to Armada University's new contest, which not only gives the talents of today invaluable information via the course itself, but also gives them the chance to put their skill to the test and potentially see their edit released on in collaboration with Ørjan Nilsen. Pre-save the new Ørjan Nilsens – Savour This Moment here.

Armada University expands into the full-scale music production community

At this time, Armada University offers courses from big artists such as Canadian Grammy nominees Sultan + Shepard, House icon Harry Romero, dance music phenomenon and ‘Hipcats' producers ATFC & David Penn, all in partnership with FaderPro. 

Additionally, courses with the likes of GoldFish, , Rodg, and more are currently under development. In only two weeks since its expansion, over two thousand producers have joined Armada University, seizing the opportunity to learn, improve and become the best.

Watch the trailer of Ørjan Nilsen's brand-new course on Armada University below.

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