Julian Wassermann Interview

Julian Wassermann Interview: Exclusive Talk With The German Techno Producer

Julian Wassermann is a melodic techno producer from Germany that glides in between his usual areas of musical dexterity, blending Deep Techno and Electronica into hunting productions. Rich tones and gruff floor-ready elements, minimalistic arrangements and basslines, all signatures of his menacing music side. 

Moreover, the Munich-based talent continues his meteoric rise through dance music, with performances at the likes of Airbeat One, Echelon, and iconic Berlin venue, Watergate. BBC Radio 1 by legendary broadcaster Pete Tong, Julian Wassermann has amassed further support from the likes of Laurent Garnier, and Solomun, releasing across several well-known imprints such as Stil vor Talent, Senso Sounds and Einmusika in his career so far. 

Fresh off the release of his ‘Extase & Manie EP‘, Viralbpm sat down with the German Techno producer for an exclusive talk to discuss about his deal with Warner Music, new music, future plans and many more. Read our Julian Wassermann interview below.

V1. You had an awesome double release with your most recent EP called “Extase & Manie“ How would you describe the creative process of the project as a whole.

Julian Wassermann: I'm glad to hear you like the release, thanks! Some months ago I started with “Manie“, began with the baseline as the first element and I used a Flanger effect on the channel. With some live modulations I created the weird sound and the main idea of the song, The track is specifically for the clubs and DJs. To combine my melodic expression with the first track I produced “Extase“. Used some melancholic lead arps with some more dancefloor oriented beat sounds. I knew the two tracks would fit perfectly together and would show what techno means to me.

E X T A S E & M A N I E

… is out now 😉
Get your copy //https://t.co/oVhYleV6Dn https://t.co/o8YGfi0njN

— Julian Wassermann (@JulianWasserman) September 14, 2018

V2. Any future plans regarding releases, records or collaborations in 2018 you can already reveal to ? Or maybe you can already give us some hints for 2019?

Julian Wassermann: After “Extase & Manie“, I started a more melodic project, including a nice vocal part that will give you goosebumps. This project is a collaboration with a young singer from Hamburg, Germany. Release will be out in early November.

V3. How did the deal with Germany happen?

Julian Wassermann: The deal with Warner was initiated by my management and the senior A&R of Warner Music Germany. I first met the Warner crew 2 years ago at the Warner ADE event in Amsterdam. Since then they followed my work and my development. I'm in love with the crew and our vision to bring this project to another level. Stay tuned!

V4. How does the support you receive from well-known artists like Deadmau5 or make you feel?

Julian Wassermann: For me this support means everything! When I started producing music I had some role models. One of them was Deadmau5, so of course his support makes me very proud. To hear that some of the big names are supporting your music makes me feel like being on the right way.

V5. With what tools and programs are you recording your songs in the studio?

Julian Wassermann: As DAW using Ableton Live mainly because I like the workflow. Some nice VST plugins as Omnisphere 2, Diva, ACE and hardware synths like Calvia Nord Lead 4 and my Sub37 by Moog.

V6. Is there something regarding your skills as a producer or performer you want to develop further? Something you want work on over the next years?

Julian Wassermann: As a performer I am considering to re-start doing some LIVE shows with drum machine and synth. Maybe as a Hybrid between DJ Set & Live Act… we'll see.

V7. You have already started travelling the world for festivals and live gigs. What do you like the most about performing in front of a big crowd? Do you prefer the live stage or the studio?

Julian Wassermann: I love both parts, the studio and the stage. The best moment is when you're straight out of the studio, playing the new track, test it on the crowd and they go nuts. It makes me always happy to see their reactions. This is the best way to test if a track works or not.

V6. How would you describe the German techno scene and community nowadays?

Julian Wassermann: We have plenty of really good clubs all over Germany, from Berlin to Munich and Cologne to Dresden… it is very varied. Always nice to see that the techno community has no special age, from young listeners to more experienced ravers. They all party together.

V6. Thank you for your time and we hope you will keep doing your thing in the future. Any final words you want to share with the Viralbpm readership?

Julian Wassermann: Thank you guys for your time and hope to see you soon on the dancefloor!


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