Big comeback of Laurent Wolf with 'Hello' on Armada

Big comeback of Laurent Wolf with Hello on Armada

The big comeback of Laurent Wolf with Hello on Armada Music is a reality. No, Laurent Wolf has not (totally) disappeared! Ten after the release of his hit “No Stress”, the French reappears in the radars with this unexpected release on the famous label.

Greeting you like a long-lost friend, ‘Hello' eases you in to a drum-led masterpiece ready to rock those peak-time hours. Completed also by mantra-like chants and gritty beats, this brand-new offering from Laurent Wolf will surely reacquaint you with the magic of the dance floor.

The former Queen resident resurfaces with ‘Hello', a Tribal House track that probably will not match that of the titles of his album ‘Wash My World'. In question, a piece rather rough – using a well-known sample – and looking for, between tribal atmosphere and big room.

If the desire to give punch to the track is there, we still remain below the criteria of labels like / Sosumi, accustomed to offer this kind of style in a more accomplished way.

Listen to the big comeback for Laurent Wolf with Hello on Armada Music below or stream/buy it here.

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