Gianni Blu - Secret Lover

Gianni Blu releases “Secret Lover”

Gianni Blu releases his new single “Secret Lover” after a long summer of shows and working on new music. This is the follow up release to the Vijay & Sofia remix to his song “Tell Me What It Feels Like” and was written and produced by him.

“Secret Lover” is a very sexy, melodic and refreshing production. Blu is known for mastering and combines deep house elements with a smooth melody.  His skills culminate in this new record that's hard to take off repeat.

I've had a really crazy summer! I've been working on new music, playing shows around the midwest and continuing to experiment with new sounds and artists. “Secret Lover” is this first song I'm putting out since the Vijay and Sofia remix. I'm really excited to share this with the world. I have a ton of new music coming out and some really exciting releases that are being planned right now. This song is sexy, its fun, its refreshing and I hope you love it”, says.

Listen to good-feeling “Secret Lover” below, out via Gianni Blu‘s own imprint Blu Recordings on September 24th.

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