Lee Burridge

Lee Burridge announces line-up for ‘All Day I Dream of ADE’ event

This year will be bringing his mystical paradise ‘All Day I Dream' to WesterUnie for an all day & night affair as part of the 2018 ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) .

Created in New York and showcased across the globe, Lee transforms venues into his vision of a dream, where the room is adorned with structural art, lanterns, fairy lights and flowers married together to form a sweet haven. These unique touches heightens the atmospheric and hypnotic music played by the carefully selected artists.

A sound pioneered by Lee Burridge himself, he has paved the way for a new cult-like following in the scene where festivals such as Burning Man and artists like Bedouin and Satori can flourish.

Having featured at Music Week once again earlier this year, several of Lee's familiar crew of house and techno sorcerers are set to write yet another beautiful of their musical story – this time in Amsterdam. Joining Lee at this year's soirée will be ethereal selector and studio head YokoO, as well as Sebastien Leger, Eelke Kleijn, Dominik Eulberg, , and Nico Morano.

All Day I Dream expanding to events in Brazil, Montreal. Dubai, Las Vegas, Detroit and . Each party acts as an embodiment of the warm and positive experience All Day I Dream has always represented, and tickets for the ADE party are available now! Tickets On Sale Now. Buy them HERE.

About All Day I Dream

All Day I Dream events began on a Brooklyn rooftop back in 2011 and have since become an international sensation. Around the world, crowds continue to be drawn to the experience and to become a part of it's community. Spurred on by the music of Lee Burridge and his unique roster of artists, each brings his or her own emotive musical vision to the daytime party. Sounds that are all too rare in the current electronic music scene.

Each year the events continue to spread out across the world. From Los Angeles to London. Melbourne to Moscow, Berlin to Beirut to Brazil and back to their spiritual home base of New York City. They continue to flourish due, in part, to a core ideal. To create something truly magical. The passion to create magic manifests itself both in those organizing as well as those attending the events.

All Day I Dream also continually forges its own unique ambience through a combination of the musical journeys taken by it's listeners as well as noteworthy venue choices. Each location transformed with the event's bespoke production design. Structural art, hanging gardens, colourful fabrics, fairy lights and lanterns. All melded together to fashion an unparalleled, irresistible atmosphere.

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